Do you ever wonder why there is such a loyalty to an AVEDA Salon?

Does your friend or neighbor smells amazing from the AVEDA brand?

Do you ever wonder if your hair care brand acts “green minded?”

Ever wonder if your haircare brand believes and supports a cause?

It is ok if you answered no. Read along it’s simple and the facts are huge!

In the beginning back 40 years ago a passionate forward future thinking individual named Horst Rechelbacher created AVEDA.  As a stylist 40 years ago I was not working in an AVEDA Salon.  However I often wondered the same above questions.  Now, much later I witness major haircare brands following a leader in the beauty industry.  You may ask how?  The total Guest Experience over 40 years ago!  WOW, back then it was the era of perm them and dye them (color.)  Can you even image being treated nice and experiencing an over the top salon experience back then?  How about products?   Are the products you used Botanical, Organic, Green?  Those are words not commonly found in our vocabulary back 40 years ago!  How about a company that believes in Philantorphy?  What is that 40 years ago?  The AVEDA family give back to many causes however, the two main focuses are Breast Cancer Awareness and Earth Month.   Lastly, Sulfate Free back 40 years ago wow that’s  HUGE!

So, let me take a breathe! That was a lot of information! Now I am on to the next question.  The smell. Words can not describe an AVEDA Salon or an AVEDA user.  I would recommend just trying one product and you will be hooked. 

Next, green minded.  I believe this is so important to practice “green” in our lives today.  Our children, nieces and grandchildren etc. our the future.  Just as you recycle at home your salon should be environmentally involved.  Do they take the steps over and above to take care of this issue?

Lastly, what does your salon or hair care company stand for?  AVEDA  stands and represents for 2 two major cause per year.  See, Horst  whole heartedly supported causes like Earth month and Breast Cancer Awareness.   Also,  AVEDA stands for Cruelty Free. All of these great causes means so much to us today!

All in all, AVEDA has transformed my life after being a stylist over 35 years!  So, where do you go?  Most certainly go on the AVEDA Website and put your zip code in.  Here is the link Aveda Salon Locator   You will find the AVEDA Salons near you!  If you are in the Venice Florida area.  Urban Designs by Avenue is located in Venice FL. and we are an AVEDA Concept Salon.   Our salon family believes in the very best for mankind.  Everything you read “We Live.” We would love to meet you and learn more about your hair goals (941) 412-4165.


Thank you!  Meet you at Urban Designs!  Patti Paull