Time is valuable and the vibe around the streets is everyone lives a busy life.  People tend to want things quicker and more readily available.  The largest generation today happens to be Millennials.   Yet, the trend for the Millennials happens to be the majority are wearing longer hair.  So, what are some tips and tricks for styling longer hair that can save time?

  • Blowdryer- There are many choices when purchasing a blowdryer.  Yes, to save time do your research to find the one best for you. You will find different wattages, types of motors, and heating elements just to name a few.  The kind of dryer I find to complete the task quicker is ionic, and UV Light.  I recently started using a Dyson Blowdryer.  I have fallen in love with performance and how quickly I can dry my hair.  I highly recommend it!
  • Products- Yes, there are products that will shorten your blow-dry time. HOORAY!  In fact, AVEDA just launched a product called “Speed of Light.” It is a blow-dryer accelerator spray.  When surveyed 3 out of 5 ladies agreed it will cut down your blow-dry time in half. The other amazing factor it’s 90% naturally derived from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.  I highly recommend this product!
  • Dry Shampoo’s and Dry Conditioners- Once your hair is beautifully styled, try the use of these products to extend your style to 3 or 5 days.  This will save you time and money.  The dry shampoo is applied at the root area of the hair.  The dry conditioner is applied to mid-shaft and ends.
  • Up Style or Braid- Take a day off from shampooing and create a style to wear your hair up.  This is a great time saver and can create a classy or sassy look.

All in all, long hair can be simplified by using some or all of these tips.  This in return will give you more time for family or just to relax.

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