Our lifestyle and activity level changes in the summer months.  As a result the amount of sun expose also increases. It is very important to protect your hair from the elements of summer.

Here are 4 Quick Tips to Help Protect Your Hair This Summer:

  • Sunscreen for your hair- We protect our skin at the beach.  However, we often forget to protect our hair.  I highly recommend Aveda’s Sun Care professional products that offers sunscreen to protect your hair.  I love that’s available with a pump spray make it convenient to use.  Get in a habit of re-applying it like you would on your skin. Also, it is great to toss in your golf or tennis bag.
  • Covering your hair with a hat: Of coarse hats may not always be the most attractive look,  however they add protection.  It is highly suggested to cover your hair whenever possible.
  • Preparation for swimming in chlorinated pools- Going to dive into summer swimming in a pool? Let’s prep your hair to get ready.  It is recommended to wet your hair throughly before entering the pool.  It will help dilute the concentration of the chlorine when your hair gets wet.  When exiting the pool it is highly recommended to rinse, shampoo and condition your hair. 
  • Protection from the Gulf of Mexico- Believe it or not the salt that is found in the gulf, or ocean will fade your hair color.  It is highly recommended to also wet your hair before entering this summer.  When you arrive home rinse, shampoo and condition.

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