Why Baby Lights?  Todays Millennials seem to be choosing to wear their hair longer.  They are also embracing natural and organic highlights. Therefore, baby lights and balayage are a big trend hitting the streets today.  What are some of the differences from traditional highlights?

  • Less Maintenance- This technique of highlighting will save time versus traditional highlights.  The out growth in-between visits is more natural and easier to blend with your natural hair color.  The paper fine sections created by your stylist will help give your hair color a more organic grow out.
  • More Natural Appearance- The Kelly Clarkson chunky highlight days are out.  Todays look is about being natural.  The meshing of colors. The colors should just melt into each other without a line or really noticeable appearance.
  • Gentle on Hair- Stylists believe that baby lights and balayage being more gentle than traditional highlights.  This is because the surface area is reduced.  Also, time in-between visits are longer, so less chemicals being put on the hair.
  • Technique- The technique to baby lights and balayage is more organic hair painting technique.  Traditional highlights were commonly more by weaving.  Some salons may still use a cap. That’s scary!

So,  how do select a colorist whom is proficient in this technique? First, research the salon.  Sit down with the colorist for a consultation.  Always discuss your current hair color verses your target color.    Next, looking through pictures of stylist’s work is also highly recommended.  Instagram is a wonderful tool for stylists to get their work out to the public.

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