As an AVEDA Hair Colorist  I love my guest to know “What is in the tube.”

What makes hair color different?  Do you know what your color is made of? 

These are all great questions to ask your colorist during your visit at the salon.  What sets your hair color brand apart from the rest? 

Urban Designs by Avenue is an AVEDA Concept Salon.   Therefore, we proudly use AVEDA Hair Color.  I would love to share a little about our color line.

Some may ask is it chemical-free? 

Aveda hair color is not chemical-free. No hair color could possibly be chemical-free as all elements are technically chemicals.  However,  AVEDA Hair Color happens to be 96% naturally-derived from plants and flowers.  All in all, this means that they aren’t filled with synthetic materials dreamed up in a lab. 

SUNFLOWERInstead of harmful synthetic ingredients, AVEDA colors contain nourishing plant-based ingredients. These include protective plant oils like jojoba, castor and sunflower. Plant oils help to imbue the hair with shine and prevent unwanted damage. Some of the colors also have pure plant and flower aromas which help to provide a relaxing spa experience. 

Is It Ammonia-Free? 

If you want to lift the color of your hair,  you would need to use a permanent Aveda hair color. This process would involve ammonia as you cannot lighten hair color without using a catalyst. The catalyst allows the color to enter the hair, and ammonia is the most commonly used example. 

Ammonia is not the only catalyst used in the hair dyeing process.  There are chemical compounds like AMP and MEA.  These two chemicals are very common is most hair color.   While these boast a less obtrusive smell than ammonia, they also linger in the hair longer. This means that they can actually be less safe to use on hair than ammonia. 

If you don’t want to lighten the shade of your hair, however, you may not need to use an ammonia-based treatment. Instead, you could use one of Aveda’s other hair color services, such as temporary color or demi-permanent color. These processes can deposit color and refresh the hair without the use of ammonia, and they leave the locks looking and feeling healthy. 

How Long Does It Last? 

This is a commonly asked question.  The hair colors are designed to be vibrant and fade-resistant. However, the longevity of the hair colors depends upon the specific treatment. Semi-permanent dyes will last for about six weeks, while permanent hair color will remain until the treated hair grows out.  It also depends on the care after you leave the salon.  Proper care will ensure longer lasting hair color.

Where Can I Get It? 

Aveda Hair Color is a professional product exclusively available in AVEDA Salons.  Therefore, it is not available over the counter.  It should not be sold on the internet.  If you do find it on the internet I would highly recommended avoiding it.  This is because you will not be guaranteed the quality or authenticity of the product.

All in all, if you would love to experience  the difference AVEDA Hair Color has to offer,  call Urban Designs by Avenue (941) 412-4165.  You can also visit our website Click Here for Urban Designs Website .

With Gratitude, Patti Paull