Summer is heating up…What about your hair?

Summer is a great time to relax and unwind. However, are we providing the best protection for our hair at this time? Living in Florida we need to worry about protection from the sun 12 months of the year. Here are some quick ideas to help your hair survive the hot rays from the sun:

Moisture- We moisturize our skin but often forget about our hair. Indulge your hair with a weekly mask adding some hydration. My favorite is the Dry Remedy Mask by AVEDA

Chlorine Protection- A great practice to protect your hair is to completely saturate your hair with water and a leave in spray conditioner before heading into the pool. Then when you exit the pool throughly rinse the choline out of your hair.

Sunscreen– Our hair needs sunscreen just like our body. Find a product line that offers a take along sunscreen spray and reapply as necessary throughout the day. I love Sun care Protective Hair Vail by AVEDA, check out below for more info:

All in all, we would love to help you select the best products to combat your summer needs. Feel free to browse our website or contact us at Urban Designs by Avenue an AVEDA Salon in Venice, Florida by calling us at (941) 412-4165