Tips to make your hair color last longer

Are you in love with your hair color after returning from the salon and then in a blink of an eye it’s gone? There are several different types of hair color. In which all the types have a different longevity. The 4 main types of hair color are permanent, demi, semi permanent and temporary hair color.
Temporary hair color lasts for about 1 to 2 washes.
Semi-permanent color (doesn’t contain peroxide) can last up to 12 washes.
Demi-permanent color (may contain low levels of peroxide) can last up to 20 washes.
Permanent color won’t wash out of your hair, but it certainly can fade and change shades over time. The best way to get rid of permanent color is to cut your hair or color over it.
Ask your stylist which is the best choice for your desires.

First,  for best results be proactive at home by keeping your hair as hydrated and damage free before receiving your color services. The use of frequent hair masks can restore the moisture back into your hair if used regularly.

The most common cause of hair color to fade after it is colored due to Oxidation. Oxidation can happen quickly causing color to leave your hair.

Fresh hair colorTherefore, here are some simple tips to help your hair color last longer after leaving the salon:

Avoid Shampooing as long as possible- Plan your hair color visit around your schedule. The longer you can avoid shampooing your hair post color visit will be the best. Washing our hair in hot water, will start to relax the color and the color molecules from the hair color will escape much more easily. That’s why we lose a little bit of our color every time we wash our hair. So, remember the longer the better!

Avoid The Heat! – Any time we had heat to our hair we break down the hydrogen bonds in our hair. This will help the color molecules escape from our hair easily. Over the years I have used every heat source known to man on my hair. Heated tools that can take a tole on your hair include blow-dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons. I do realize now that heat is damaging to the hair. I highly recommend choosing a heat protectant to help protect your hair. Some of these heated tools reach 450 degrees just like our oven. There are many heat protectants on the market but one of my favorites is one by AVEDA called Shampure Dry Conditioner. 

 It is recommended to apply in sections to ensure even coverage.

Professionally Recommended Shampoo- Not all shampoos are created equal! Ask your colorist to choose a shampoo that is right for you. Sulfate Free shampoos provide less suds however, help prevent less color to fade.

Avoiding Sun, Chlorine and Salt Water- It is always highly recommended to use protection from the harmful suns rays. This may include small things like a beach hat or a UV Protectant Spray applied often to your hair while out in the sun. However, avoiding the sun is always the best protection. Next, Chlorine is a bleach. Therefore, bleach will fade your hair color. Take all necessary steps to avoid contact with chlorine as much as possible. Lastly, the ocean is made up of ions, and 90% of these ions contain chloride and sodium which are “salty.” These ions will fade your hair color. Avoiding these 3 things will help prolong your color.

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