Cold weather is upon us even in Florida.  Therefore, there are certain factors we experience due to the cold temperatures.  Often, we don’t realize it until it is extremely noticeable.  Here are just a few that I notice:

  • Dry Scalp- During the winter months with cold weather there tends to be less humidity in the air.  Therefore, less humidity means less moisture resulting in dry scalp.  I recommend the Pramasana Purifying  Scalp Cleanser by AVEDA.   It will deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp to help instantly balance sebum levels.  Click here to learn more   At our salon we feature a Pramasana Scalp Treatment which is beneficial and relaxing.  Urban Designs by Avenue Website 
  • Dry Skin and Chapped Lips- Less moisture in the air will cause our skin and lips to become dry.  Coconut Oil is great for the skin.  Good ole’ Vaseline is great for the lips and inexpensive.  This is an interesting article from WEB MD about gaining weight in the winter months. In fact after returning from a recent vacation my lips got extremely chapped.  My dermatologist recommended Vaseline.  Here is an interesting article from WEB MD  article on dry skin and chapped lips
  • Weight Gain- Cold weather tends to keep us inside and less active.  In return leads to less calories burned.  Also, cold weather causes us to wear bulkier clothes and we become less conscious about showing off our bodies.  What are ways we can work around this?  Try keeping a food journal so you are aware of eating habits.  Also, put a swim suit on every week to remind us summer is right around the corner.
  • Issues with Smart Phones and Devices- I found this interesting and something I never thought about due to cold weather.  According to Apple, iPhones and iPads best perform in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees. As cold weather persist and we spend time outdoors, taking smartphones or tablets with us could negatively impact the performance of those devices or cause them to shut down altogether.  So, leave them in a warm place.

So, don’t let old man winter get to you!  Be prepared and ready to take a proactive approach. Call Urban Designs by Avenue if you are interested in learning more about dry scalp remedies or just to improve your current hairstyle.  Be sure to visit our website or call the salon at (941) 412-4165.

Patti Paull co/owner