Hair Growth done easy!

So, do you want longer hair? What can you do to make your hair grow faster? Guests often ask questions about how to make their hair grow faster? Next, follow these easy steps for faster hair growth.

  • Regular Trims- It may seem redundant to get your hair trimmed if you are wanting your hair to grow.  However, keeping the ends trimmed every 4 to 8 weeks will keep the spilt ends from fraying and continuing up the hair shaft.
  • Hair growthFull Moon- The farmers almanac supports dates of planting of the crops for a better harvest.  It is all to do with the moon but to many wanting to grow their hair faster it is music to their ears. The remainder of the 2017 dates are as follows: August  26th, 27th, 31st.  September 1st, 5th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 28th, 29th and finally October 2nd, 3rd, 19th.  So, happy cutting! I wonder how the Eclipse effected hair growth?
  • Massage Your Scalp- The circulation of a regular 3 to 5 minute scalp massage can help the hair grow faster. Be sure to apply oil or conditioner when doing the massage.
  • Eat A Healthy Diet- Eating a rich in protein and vital vitamins is very essential to hair growth.
  • Stay Stress Free- Is this even possible?  Avoiding stressful periods in your life can help your hair grow faster.

Therefore, Urban Designs by Avenue are professionals in the beauty industry helping others achieve their hair goals.  Located in Sarasota County.  Call today (941) 412-4165 or CLICK HERE  Urban Designs by Avenue website.  We are an AVEDA Concept Salon located in Venice,Fl.