Are you considering changing your dark hair color to a much lighter hair color?  Then read along to learn more about the recommended approach to ensure the condition of your hair is not jeopardized.

As a stylist and salon owner I am faced with my guests requesting dramatic changes in their hair color. However the reality and truth is this is a project over time.

The following Steps will direct you in the right direction for hair color transformation:

  • Consultation, Consultation- First it is recommended all stylists should give thorough consultation.  This will include the steps needed, time frame and pricing before undergoing this project. Nobody wants sticker shock!
  • Pictures are worth a 1000 words- It is highly recommended to bring along  pictures.  This will clarify your intentions. However, be open for suggestions or comments.  Stylists may even tell you the picture is not even possible for your hair.  At that point the stylist will redirect you with examples of what will work for your hair.
  • Don’t expect everything overnight- Don’t expect miracles over night. Too much in a short time is not always good.  Be patient and keep the integrity of the hair in mind.
  • Experience is Key- Requesting an experienced stylist for color correction is a must, because it is not a project for all stylists.

Next, this picture is a perfect example showing the many steps of transitioning from dark hair to blonde.
It show the the steps along the way.

In addition, I strongly suggest a bond protecter/mender like OLAPLEX to be used during all the phases of the transformation. This will protect the bonds from breaking and help mend already broken bonds.

Lastly, a very crucial step during this process is your home care. You are responsible for properly caring for your hair at home in between steps. For instance, shampoos and conditioners designed for proper color care, along with moisture and repair. A recommend must to take home is the #3 OLAPLEX.  This should be used along with a mask treatment to be used 1 to 2 times a week.

All in all, if you are looking for a hair color makeover in Sarasota County Urban Designs by Avenue is one call away from a new look.  Call Urban Designs by Avenue to set up your consultation.  The salon is proud to be an AVEDA Concept Salon featuring AVEDA Professional Hair Color. Did you know AVEDA Hair Color is 96% Naturally derived from plants and flowers helping to reduce damage and leaving your hair shiny.
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