Dry Scalp or Dandruff?

Seasonal dryness is heading your way!  Dryer colder weather will effect our skin, scalp and our lips.  Therefore, dry flakey scalp will be hitting your shoulders.  So, how do you know which treatment will work for your condition?

First, start off consulting a hairstylist.  They will help decide between dry scalp or dandruff.  As a result, the treatment will differ from each other.  It is crucial to use the right treatment to avoid accelerating the problem.

For Instance, if you use a dandruff type product like “Head and Shoulders” on dry scalp it will actually cause the scalp to become even more dry.  So here are some helpful tips to help you treat your issues.

  • Dandruff- A diagnosis has been made and you have dandruff.  Tea tree oil is a anti-fungial oil and treats dandruff wonderfully.  However, I strongly recommend a shampoo and treatment that will help keep the scalp balanced.

Scalp benefits by AVEDA is ideal for maintaining balance in the scalp.  I highly recommend this line to prevent and treat issues related to dandruff.






Dry Scalp- Dry scalp commonly occurs when a change in weather takes place. The change can be from climate temps and humidity levels in your home.  Essential oils are a perfect treatment for dry scalp.  Treating the hair with essential oils is easy.  First, apply the essential oil to a sea sponge and bolt onto the scalp.  Secondly, cover the head region with a plastic bag.  This can be a simple as  a plastic grocery bag.  Next, leave the oil on hair for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Lastly, shampoo hair with a shampoo formulated for dry scalp.  Remember you have oil on your hair so it may take a few lathers to remove the oil.  I highly recommend AVEDA Dry Remedy Oil to treat the scalp.

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Patti Paull founder of Urban Designs by Avenue