Face shape is important when considering a new haircut. However, why would we care about face shape when we color the hair? This is a very common question in the beauty industry. So often we focus on face shape when considering a new hair style. We don’t realize color placement is just as important.

Easy Tips to customize your Balayage for the shape of your face:

 Round- The goal is to a create contrast to give the impression of “lengthening” the face.  Place darkness in the interior of the hair and around the perimeter. Place subtle lightness throughout, though not in any specific area.

Square- The goal would be to soften the features.  Keep roots natural, alternate between bright colors at the temples and place darkness along the jawline or from the cheekbones through the ends.

Long- The color placement would focus on  “shortening” the face.  You can achieve this by placing darkness at the roots and lightness the ends.  Perfect for a “ombre” or “Balayage” look!

Diamond- Balance will be achieved by creating width at the chin area and softening at the temples.  So, lightness at the top fusing into darkness at the bottom.

Oval- This face shape is the most balanced, making it able to wear almost any hair color.

All in all, face shape plays a huge factor in color placement.  A through consultation with a colorist should help you identify your face shape and find the best option for color placement.

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