3 Questions Often Asked About Balayage

Let me first start by asking the questions everyone wants to know.  What is Balayage ?

Balayage is a French word for sweep or paint. Balayage is considered a highlighting technique . The product is painted on the hair to create a graduated natural looking effect.
Balayage is a current trend in the beauty industry. Therefore, as a colorist I am asked these 3 questions about Ombre’ and Balayage every day.

questions about balayageHere are the Top 3 questions about Balayage:

 Is Balayage different from traditional hair color?  The color is strategically placed by a trained Balayage Colorist.  A good Balayage expert will be able to place the color in a way to suit your look, skin and hair.  It will enhance your hairstyle with the ability to highlight certain features.

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

questions about balayage

The color is placed more naturally. Therefore, the grow out phase is less obvious in-between appointments. It is recommended to use the proper take-home products ,  For instance, a sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner formulated for your hair type.  Also, it is highly recommended to use heat protection when styling your hair.

Is it suitable for my hair?  Balayage works well on lighter and darker hair types. Therefore, it can be customized to any depth of hair color.  Also, Balayage works well with any hair length except short cropped hair length.

All in all, Balayage is an amazing technique to enhance your current style.  Are you are looking for someone in your area?  I strongly recommend you to do some research.  Start with asking  the colorist to see their work.  Ask questions and have a through consultation.

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